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Party Items


Brown Folding Chair

Party Chairs (Brown) - $1.00 each

The Essential Chair

Our standard brown chair is our essential chair for your standard parties.  The chair is built with sturdy steel or aluminum frame with a plastic seat and backing.   The chair has a weight limit of 275 lbs,

White Folding Chair

Party Chairs (White) - $1.25 each

Stylish and Economical

Our white folding chairs are for the upgrade to your party or wedding.  The aluminum frame supports a plastic seat and backing.  The chairs are rated at a 275 lb weight limit.

Padded White Chair

White Resin Folding Chairs - $3.10

A Step Above

Our resin chairs hold a padded seat for extra comfort and style.  Perfect for Weddings, Business Meetings, Lunches, Dinners, and accommodating Extra Guests. These chairs are rated at 300 lbs.


8' Banquet Table

8' and 6' Banquet Tables - $9 each for 8', $7 each for 6'

Sturdy and Durable

Our banquet tables come with a sturdy wood top and metal frame for support.  Our 96" tables seat 8 people and our 72" tables seat 6 people each. They are perfect for your family gatherings and festivals.

5' Round Table

5' and 4' Round Tables - $9 each for 5', $7 each for 4'

Gather Round

Our round tables are made with a sturdy wood top and metal frame.  Our 60" tables seat 8 people while our 48" tables seat 6 people.  They are ideal for weddings.

Bistro Table

Bistro Tables - $8 each

Outstanding Tables

Our bistro tables are stand alone cocktail tables that are a great fit for social gatherings.  Standing 42" tall and 30" across, these tables are an ideal area to have great conversations.  The top is made of sturdy wood with aluminum supports.


String Lighting

String Lights - $1.50 per foot to have us install them, $1.00 per foot for us to only drop off

A Look Of Elegance

Our string lighting adds a distinct touch to your wedding or event.  Our lights come in 25' and 50' strands.   They add just enough lighting to create the perfect mood for your social event.

Note:  We will only install lights around the perimeter of the tent. 

LED Pack Lighting

Pack Lights - $50 each

Light Up The Night

The pack lights attached to our center poles light a large area.  From corporate picnics to fairs and festivals, these lights will brighten every area of your event.

Dance Floor and Staging


Dance Floor - $40 per 4x4 panel

Our dance floor is very popular with wedding orders.  It creates the perfect place for party goers to cut a rug.  Dance floor comes in 4'x4' sections and can be pieced together to create any size in 4' increments, 4x8, 8x8, 8x12, etc.


Stage - $50 per 4x4 panel

Steps and rails - $30 for one set of steps and two rails

Our stage comes in 4'x4' sections and can be combined to create any size in 4' increments, 4x4, 4x8, 8x8, 8x12, etc.  Can be ordered with legs that are 12", 24", 30" or no legs at all.  Steps and handrails are also available to order.

Additional Rentals

Chill Table

Chill Table - $35 each

Chill tables are the ideal location to serve your canned beverages and hors d'oeuvres while keeping them ice cold.  The table is 48" long and 18" wide with a 3" lip to hold your beverages and ice.  The drain hole allows the water to escape keeping your drinks and food from sitting in a pool of water.

Portable Bar

Portable Bar - $75 

The portable bar is your libation station to hold and store your mixes and party favorites.  Standing 48" wide and 18" across. The portable bar allows you to have several of your favorite spirits at your fingertips to quench the thirst of even the neediest of guests.

Pedestal Heater

Pedestal Heaters - $75 each

The pedestal heaters are optimal for zone heating in smaller areas.  The perfect place to stand and chat on cold days.  These heaters produce 48,000 BTU's of heat for up to 8 hours on a single tank of propane.

Prices do not include tax and delivery and are subject to change.

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