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Introducing DTA's Architectural Canopy Division

Delphos Tent and Awning (DTA) is an industry leader in awning and canopy manufacturing. We have been producing awnings and canopies since 1920 and are now manufacturing our own line of architectural canopies. Crafted from high quality 6063-T5 aluminum, the extruded gutter and flat pans are heavy duty, can come with plenty of accessories and will look fantastic integrated into your building.  Heavy duty hanger rods along with a visually appealing powder coat finish will give your canopy a durable long lasting finish to complement your building and protect your entrance areas from inclement weather.   These canopies come complete with stamped drawings and installation if desired.   Order your canopies today, and we can ship them directly to your building or job site.   DTA's Architectural Canopy division can help you every step of the way. Call today!


Canopy Specifications
Canopy Brochure
Canopy Installation Instructions

Take a look at the architectural specifications required for these canopies. 

Check out our work to see if these canopies are the right fit for your project.

Step by step instructions on how to install your canopy.

Canopy Engineered Drawings

For site-specific, stamped engineered drawings, call Delphos Tent and Awning.

Canopy Attachment Information

Here you will find information about the hanger attachments.

Don't see everything you need here? Give us a call to discuss how we can customize your new canopy to fit your unique needs today!

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